Side Hustles


I’ll be the first to admit I am inherently lazy. Most days when I’m unemployed I can hardly be bothered to change out of my soft pants, let alone leave the camper for any amount of time, so the idea of a legitimate side hustle is a little outside my comfort zone. I prefer mine to be as passive as possible.

That said, when I’m working my absolute favorite way to earn unexpected money is by working overtime. To me, overtime is like free money; like I’m not even there. If you have the opportunity (cough. NURSES. cough), take advantage. You know what I always say: Make hay while the sun shines!

But passively-speaking, giving plasma earns us far and away the most extra monthly income, and the others are just extra bonuses I get to work on when I feel like it. Here are a few ideas we Warckens have to earn a few extra bucks, coins, points, and miles for as little work as possible:



Biolife Plasma – Depending on the queue, we can get in and out in about an hour and earn anywhere from $22-$100+/session depending on current promotions. That means we make at least $22/hr perusing the internet, reading blogs, or taking online surveys (that also earn money).

When you sign up, tell them Greg or Jamie Warcken sent you. 😉

Update: There’s no BioLife in Tucson so now we give at CSL. They pay based on weight and charge $0.35 every time you use their debit card. What a joke! Stay at BioLife as long as you can.


Checkout 51 – Buy groceries, earn cash back. Redeem rebates by scanning in your shopping receipts. After earning $20, you can request a check. I use this app in conjunction with Ibotta and Walmart Savings Catcher.


Google Opinion Rewards – Take super short surveys, sometimes just one question, for Play Store credit. Today I answered one question for $0.12. These bird guide apps aren’t going to pay for themselves. Oh wait, yes they are.



HealthyWage– Make a personal wager on your ability to lose weight. You decide how much weight you want to lose, and in what amount of time. After you determine what you’re willing to bet on yourself every month, HealthyWage will offer you a prize, up to $10,000 for reaching your goal. The more you want to lose and the higher your wager, the higher your prize. I can’t think of anything more motivating than someone trying to take my money, especially due to something I’m 100% responsible for.


IbottaGet $10 when you sign up through this link! I use this any time we shop, as they offer cash back at Walmart, Target, and even Reasor’s for you Oklahomans. Use it while you shop and search the product you’re looking for, and buy accordingly. For instance, search ‘bacon’, then buy what’s offered.


Joany Research Study – If you bought health insurance independently or through the marketplace, get $25 for taking this survey! I got paid via PayPal within a day.


Job Spotter – Clark Howard tweeted about this so I was just sure it was legit. Get paid for taking pictures of businesses that are hiring! The app is super easy to use. If you see a ‘Now Hiring’ sign, snap a pic of it as well as a pic of the storefront, and earn money on an Amazon gift card. This is an excellent way to offset dry grocery costs, or to fund Amazon Prime or Amazon Music. We pair this app with Sweatcoin and walk around for hiring signs,  double dipping into rewards programs.


Microsoft Rewards – This is about as passive as it gets. Earn points for using Bing as a search engine, taking flash quizzes, and by clicking through emails. I keep Bing as my homepage and I search every site I go to, whether I know the site address or not. Sometimes I even search ‘Google’ on Bing, just to earn points for searching on Bing when I actually want to search Google. Points can be redeemed for Amazon, Walmart, and REI gift cards (to name a few).


MyPointsGet a $10 gift card if you sign up through this link! You can use MyPoints as a shopping portal, but I find other cash back sites are much more lucrative. I earn points by clicking through daily emails at 5 pts/email, completing my ‘Daily 5’, and playing videos in the background at work. Points can be redeemed for anything from Amazon, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Walmart gift cards, to PayPal cash, to United miles.


Online Surveys – Online surveys are an excellent way to earn a few easy dollars, miles, or points, and a great way to keep travel programs from expiring. I typically do a few surveys every day, especially if I’m not working, and when I could use some mindless entertainment- laying by the pool, as a passenger in the car, giving plasma.


Receipt Hog – I LOVE gimmicks. I scan every receipt into this app to earn coins and a chance for free spins on their piggie slot machine. Coins can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.



SurveyMini – Take super short surveys to earn points redeemable for Long John Silver’s gift cards. I mean, there are other gift cards available, but need I list them out? Extra box of crumbs, please.




SwagbucksGet $5 if you sign up through this link! Earn SB (swagbucks) by shopping online, playing trivia, answering short (or long) surveys, watching videos, and going out to eat. Redeem SB for PayPal, gift cards, or Visa prepaid cards.



Sweatcoin – Get paid to walk! Earn coins for steps which can be redeemed for gift cards, items like an iPhone X or a curved Samsung tv, or PayPal cash.



Walmart Savings Catcher – This is a free feature of the Walmart app and is the easiest way to automatically save on their purchases. It works just like a competitor’s ad, only Walmart does all the work electronically and credits you the price difference. All you have to do is scan your receipts into the app, or enter the info manually online.


Happy earning!

What’s your favorite way to earn easy money? Feel free to send me a referral link!