Buy Gift Cards Online at a Discount

  Today I’m here to talk to you about free money, and you all know how I feel about free money. There are lots of ways to make and save money online and buying discounted gift cards is something you might never have considered. Note: You can also sell gift cards online if you receive […]

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What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?

  When we moved from Oklahoma to Arizona I drove the Subaru, Sheila, and Greg drove the Tundra, who he named Percolator? Harvey Judgerson? I can’t remember. The point is, I had a lot of hours to listen to financial podcasts and think about money in the solitary comfort of my own vehicle. How much […]

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Does Your “Stuff” Contribute To Your Life Plan?

A friend recently asked for some advice regarding a sentimental piece of furniture. It’s been in her family for years, but she’s moving soon and it doesn’t fit into her new, smaller, much cheaper (YEAH, BABY) apartment. She knows if she were to get rid of it, her family would be upset with her, but […]

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Hiking Arizona’s Highest Mountain

  We Are “Highpointers” G.Hammer is on a mission to see the top of, or “high point” of every state before he turns 50. 50 in 50 kind of thing. That’s the definition of a “highpointer”- someone who hikes or climbs high points. I say G.Hammer is on a mission because I don’t, as this […]

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Backpacking Grand Canyon National Park

  After Greg and I took 10 and 13 year breaks, respectively, from the grandest canyon on the planet, we went to bask in her presence again, “before it gets too hot”. Joke’s on us, it started snowing outside of Flagstaff and by the time we got to the South Rim it was 30°. The […]

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I Took An Extension!

  Exclamation point! But also period. Today would’ve been my first day of freedom but instead it’s the first of eight days off. Because after going insanely stir crazy and planning a cross country road trip to hike and camp and climb mountains for the rest of the summer, I took an extension on my […]

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Get Financially Fit

  Financial fitness is a lot like physical fitness Everyone knows physical fitness is nothing but great for you. In fact it is nothing but good for your health, your sanity, and your overall well-being. Guess what. It’s the exact same for financial fitness. But just like starting a new workout, sometimes starting a financial […]

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The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make

  I’ve had multiple people come to me lately about easy ways we make money, so here you go: I’ve made a list of step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do to earn extra money today, and the next day and the next week… The list is long but don’t let it get overwhelming. This […]

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Investing in Layman’s Terms

  If you are well-versed in personal finance, this post is not for you. I wrote this as a catch-all for the people I work with everyday who have no idea what it means- and especially how- to invest. There are obviously many more retirement and other investment accounts out there, but the following are […]

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How Much Would It Cost NOT To Work This Summer?

  I’m nearing the end of my contract- only five weeks left! As always, when we’re facing the end we have to decide whether I’m going to extend, or if I’m going to find another nursing contract elsewhere, or if we’re going to take a few months off to do what we really love, which […]

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