Welcome! We’re happy as loons you’ve stopped by for a visit. I’m Jamie, and I do most of the writing and photography while my husband, Greg, provides most of the entertainment. We Warckens enjoy an unconventional, minimalist lifestyle steeped in frugality and adventure. We don’t buy into the American idea that more is more. We invest very little in ‘things’ but choose instead to allocate our finances to experiences. And index funds. We are not independently wealthy; we are resourceful and we love to save. We’ve made travel our priority and make purposeful choices- to do contract work, to live in a travel trailer, to donate plasma, etc.- so we can pursue that which is most important to us. We’ve chosen this life, it didn’t choose us. While it’s not always perfect, we love it.

This blog is part travel, part personal finance, and part real life. We hope you’ll find some entertainment, and if you’re keen, learn a thing or two about spending less to travel more.