Cash Back


We love earning cash back for things we were already going to buy, or do, and here’s a few of the companies we use to do so. When shopping or booking travel online I always go through every one of these sites to see which offers the most cash back, and purchase accordingly. Of course these are all free to sign up for, and most all of them offer a sign up bonus! I mean, you’re throwing away money if you don’t sign up for them. My personal favorites are TopCashback and Mr. Rebates. Sign up for any and all, and happy shopping!


BeFrugalGet $10 when you sign up through this link! BeFrugal likes to kick it up a notch and offer just a bit more than its competitors. For instance, they offer 8.3% cash back on purchases where other sites are offering 8%.


Ebates –  Get $10 when you sign up through this link! Over the years we’ve earned nearly $900 through Ebates shopping online for everything from clothes to textbooks to hotels. $900 can buy a whole lot of McD’s coffees. Which reminds me, I need to add McD’s to this list.


Giving AssistantGet $5 when you sign up through this link! Giving Assistant earns cash back for shopping online, and gives you the option to donate a certain percentage of money earned to the charity of your choice. Feel good about saving money!


Mr. RebatesGet $5 when you sign up through this link! Mr. Rebates always seems to offer the most cash back on hotel sites, which we are happy to take advantage of.


MyPointsGet a $10 gift card when you sign up through this link! Earn more points by clicking through daily emails, taking surveys, and watching videos online. Points can be redeemed for anything from Amazon, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Walmart gift cards, to PayPal cash, to United miles.


SwagbucksGet $5 when you sign up through this link! Earn SB (swagbucks) by shopping online, playing trivia, answering short (or long) surveys, watching videos, going out to eat. Redeem SB for PayPal, gift cards, or Visa prepaid cards.




TopCashBack – I find this site almost always offers the most cash back, and they sometimes offer gimmicky riddle games for a chance to earn even more. Cash back, gimmicks?! Yes please!


UpromiseGet $20 when you sign up through this link! Upromise typically offers 5% cash back on all their sites, including Walmart which is obviously a great deal.




For those still unsure how cash back portals work, here’s an informative video specifically about Ebates. It’s literally free money, people.



If all this is too overwhelming, just pick one and start shopping. When you see that it is truly free money for things you were already going to buy, you might think about signing up for others so you can always find the best deal. Or just keep life super easy and stick with one. Dealer’s choice!

What is your favorite portal? If I didn’t mention it, feel free to send me a referral link!