Cash Back

We love earning cash back for things we were already going to buy, or do, and here’s a few of the companies we use to do so. When shopping or booking travel online we always go through whichever portal offers the most cash back, and we use three grocery apps to save money on food from the store. Of course these are all free to sign up for, and most all of them offer a sign up bonus. I mean, you’re throwing away money if you don’t sign up for them.


*BeFrugal – Earn $10 when you sign up through this link and make a qualifying purchase. BeFrugal likes to kick it up a notch and offer just a bit more than its competitors. For instance, they offer 8.3% cash back on purchases where other sites are offering 8%.


Checkout51 –“Buy groceries, earn cash back”. Redeem rebates for groceries and sundries by scanning in your shopping receipts. After earning $20, you can request a check. I use this app in conjunction with Ibotta and Walmart Savings Catcher.


*Ebates –  Earn $10 when you sign up through this link and make a qualifying purchase. Over the years we’ve earned nearly $900 through Ebates shopping online for everything from clothes to textbooks to hotels. $900 can buy a whole lot of McD’s coffees. Which reminds me, I need to add McD’s to this list.


*Giving Assistant – Earn $5 when you sign up through this link and make a qualifying purchase. Giving Assistant earns cash back for shopping online, and gives you the option to donate a certain percentage of money earned to the charity of your choice. Feel good about saving money!


*GoCashBack –  Earn $5 when you sign up through this link and make a qualifying purchase. This is the only site to still offer cash back at, so when we’ve got a coupon or a dividend to burn this is a Warcken favorite.


*Ibotta – Earn $10 when you sign up through this linkand make a qualifying purchase. I use this any time we shop, as they offer cash back at Walmart, Target, and even Reasor’s for you Oklahomans. Use it while you shop and search the product you’re looking for, and buy accordingly. For instance, search ‘bacon’, then buy what’s offered.


Job Spotter – Clark Howard tweeted about this so I was just sure it was legit. Get paid for taking pictures of businesses that are hiring! The app is super easy to use. If you see a ‘Now Hiring’ sign, snap a pic of it as well as a pic of the storefront, and earn money on an Amazon gift card. I started this in New York City and a couple of days was enough to offset a Shake Shack burger. Pair this app with Sweatcoin and double dip into rewards programs.


Microsoft Rewards – This is about as passive as it gets. Earn points for using Bing as a search engine, taking flash quizzes, and by clicking through emails. I keep Bing as my homepage and I search every site I go to, whether I know the site address or not. Sometimes I even search ‘Google’ on Bing, just to earn points for searching on Bing when I actually want to search Google. Points can be redeemed for Amazon, Walmart, and REI gift cards (to name a few).


*Mr. Rebates – Earn $5 when you sign up through this link and make a qualifying purchase. Mr. Rebates always seems to offer the most cash back on hotel sites, which we are happy to take advantage of.


McDonald’s App – This is a Warcken favorite for road trips. There are daily BOGO deals on food, plus a free coffee after you purchase five. We always try to use our own coffee mugs and are oftentimes just charged for a senior coffee, and sometimes they even give it to us as a free refill! What class!



*MyPoints – You can use MyPoints as a shopping portal, but I find other sites are much more lucrative. I earn points by clicking through daily emails at 5 points/email, completing my ‘Daily 5’, and playing videos in the background at work. Points can be redeemed for anything from Amazon, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Walmart gift cards, to PayPal cash, to United miles.


Receipt Hog – I LOVE gimmicks. I scan every receipt into this app to earn coins and a chance for free spins on their piggie slot machine. Coins can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.



*Sweatcoin – Get paid to walk! Earn coins for steps which can be redeemed for gift cards, items like an iPhone X or a curved Samsung tv, or PayPal cash. For the 5,676 steps I counted today I earned 3.73 Sweatcoins. So what if it takes 20,000.00 Sweatcoins to get $1,000 PayPal cash? I’ve got nothing but time. p.s. Hello nurses! This is a great tool for you!


*TopCashBack – I find this site almost always offers the most cash back, and they sometimes offer gimmicky riddle games for a chance to earn even more. Cash back, gimmicks?!


*Upromise – Earn $20 when you sign up through this link and make a qualifying purchase within 30 days. Upromise typically offers 5% cash back on all their sites, including Walmart which is obviously a great deal. We use Upromise in conjunction with our Upromise GoalSaver savings account for automatic travel savings.


Walmart Savings Catcher – This is a free feature of the Walmart app and is the easiest way to automatically save on their purchases. It works just like a competitor’s ad, only Walmart does all the work electronically and credits you the price difference. All you have to do is scan your receipts into the app, or enter the info manually online.


For those still unsure how cash back portals work, here’s an informative video specifically about Ebates:


*Gregory and I receive compensation- monetary, miletary, and pointetary- for clicks and sign ups through these links. We know you have many choices for shopping online, planning travel, and applying for new credit cards and you don’t have to use any links you find on our site. But we sure appreciate when you do.