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Look, everyone knows G and I like free stuff. Everyone knows we like credit cards. And everyone knows we love combining the two. Like, did you know Bank of America and Merrill Lynch credit and debit cardholders can visit over 150 museums for free the first weekend of every month?

American Express offers lots of different, ever-changing deals to their cardmembers. If you have an American Express card, simply log on to your account and scroll to the bottom of your homescreen. Scan through the dozens of deals offered, click ‘Add to Card’ on the ones you like, and voila! If you use your card for any of those offers you’ll be automatically credited for the purchase. It’ll look a little something like this:


Amex also offers free wifi worldwide with Boingo, and free 2-day shipping with ShopRunner!


We got $30 back just for paying our phone bill!


Some examples of different offers.


Like I said, these deals are ever-changing, so I like to check them every couple of weeks to see if anything new has popped up. Thanks to The Points Guy, last year I found Greg and I both had offers for a free Sam’s Club Membership (we used one and gave the other away).

$45 credit for a Sam’s Club membership!

If you’ve got any American Express cards it’s worth checking them out for these and other exciting offers. It’s free stuff, people! Sometimes you can earn and save enough to completely offset any annual fees you might have. More free stuff, people!


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