Earn $0.35/gallon at Shell Stations with Chase Pay

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If you have the Chase Freedom card, you already know it’s currently offering 5% cash back on gas station, internet/cable/phone services, and Chase Pay purchases. But did you know you can add your Shell Fuel Rewards number to your Chase Pay account and earn even more cash back?

If you don’t have a Fuel Rewards account, sign up for free here and save at least $0.05/gallon or $0.06/gallon if you link your IHG account.

Right now you can link your Fuel Rewards number to your Chase Pay account and save an extra $0.35/gallon, limit 20 gallons. Don’t worry, I was frightened and confused about Chase Pay too, but it’s super easy.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Sign in with your Chase info, and activate fingerprint ID if you so desire.
  3. Add any and all Chase cards to your profile.
  4. Click ‘Wallet’, then ‘Loyalty Cards’
  5. Click ‘Shell’, then add your FR number.

Currently you can only use Chase Pay at Best Buy, Starbucks, and Shell stations, but Chase promises more stores are coming soon.

Once you’re at a Shell station and ready to pump, click ‘Pay’ in your Chase Pay, then click ‘At The Pump’. It will bring up the Shell station where you’re currently parked, and give you the option to put your pump number in. You’ll then be given a code that can be entered into the pump’s keypad, and voila! It will bring up your eligible discount and if you pump > 5 gallons you’ll receive an offer for $0.35/gallon off your next fuel purchase at Shell.

I love a gimmick and especially free money, and have already put this into action for the Warckens. Have you tried it yet?


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