Make a Bet On Your Ability to Lose Weight and Earn Big Money!

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I am so stoked to introduce a way to boost your income while getting healthier (#lifeplan). HealthyWage is a weight loss/wellness challenge that allows you to bet on your ability to lose weight. Turns out you’re much more likely to succeed in a challenge if there’s a financial reward involved, and it really helps if there is a penalty (your personal bet) for not meeting your goals.



How does it work?

You determine how much weight you want to lose, and in what amount of time. After you determine what you’re willing to bet on yourself every month, HealthyWage will offer you a prize, up to $10,000. The more you want to lose and the higher your wager, the higher your prize. I can’t think of anything more motivating than someone trying to take my money, especially due to something I’m 100% responsible for.  


How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost a thing if you meet your goal! AND, you’ll get an extra $40 added to your prize for every friend and family member you refer to HealthyWage during your challenge!


What are the rules?

The minimum for weight loss is 10% of your body weight, and there are two verified weigh-ins- at the beginning and the end of your challenge. Pregnant chicks aren’t allowed. Neither are professional trainers, body builders, or athletes. Or anyone planning on having bariatric surgery during their challenge. There are no refunds, unless you get knocked up, then your challenge can be suspended until your physician clears you for weight loss again.


How do I weigh in?

There are two ways to do this- either download a mobile app and allow a Healthy Wage referee to remotely witness your weigh-in, or make a short video of your weigh-in that you can upload to the website.


What’s the catch?

There are none! HealthyWage makes its money from government and corporate clients (insurers, health systems and hospitals, food companies), and from those who lost their bets. If you do the work and lose the weight, this is totally a win-win for you. If you don’t meet your goal… well, hopefully you’re healthier than you were before, but you will be out the money you bet on yourself. There is an option to extend your challenge should you need more time.


How do I get paid?

If you meet your goal, get your prize paid out via check or PayPal.


What am I waiting for?

I don’t know! If you’ve got some pesky pounds to lose, and could use some prize money, this is a no-brainer! Check out HealthyWage today and turn your financial, physical, and mental lives around!


But don’t just take my word for it:


Have you ever bet on your own ability to accomplish a goal? 


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