Kruger National Park, Letaba

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Drive 1- Satara H1-3 to H6 to S41. S90 to S89 to H1-5 to S91/S92 to Olifants Camp, then S44, S93, S46, and S94 to Letaba.

Drive 2- Night drive Letaba S69 loop to S95 loop, back to Letaba.

Letaba campground.

We weren’t wasting our time on S100 again, so we took the tar road H6 to S41 north toward Letaba. Pulled over at Gudzani East waterhole and found this fella lounging around.

Letaba has an elephant museum housing tusks from some of the biggest elephants in the park. Big old males are called “tuskers”. These guys are real tuskers. For all the elephants featured it told a little bit about them- where they lived, how big their tusks were, how they died. Of course most of them were killed by humans, either from poaching or getting into the local crop. We’re thinking about getting that head mount for Uncle Sparky’s living room.


Dear Diary, I don’t ever want to leave.

Spoke to a nice woman staying in one of the bungalows. I was trying to place her accent for sure until she told us a there was a squirrel in her toilet when she checked in and that she had taken a stick and fished it out, put it in a plastic bag, then shook it out outside where it ran off happily. I asked her what part of Australia she was from. Sydney. Isn’t that just so delightfully Australian? A bird got into my room once in high school. You would have thought it was a pterodactyl.

The lamb was so good we had it again.


We went on another night drive, as the area around Letaba is supposedly good for leopards but alas we saw none. Just  impala and hyena and hippo and mongoose, though Greg was convinced he spotted a huge python but was so unnerved by the thought of it that he didn’t mention it to anyone else and convinced himself it was just a tree root. After watching lots of Kruger videos on youtube I’m not sure it wasn’t a python. We should’ve stopped, Gregory!


Gregory harasses the locals:


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