Montana’s Public Use Cabins, part 2

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Check out our intro to public use cabins– one of our favorite things about Montucky! This is about our trip to the Kings Hill Cabin near Neihart, Montana, conveniently located across the road from the Showdown Ski Area.


Greg was just so proud of his new farkel finger.
Don’t let that happy face fool you. He was beating me by 4,000 and my last turn I rolled 4,250. BOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!! I love getting the best of Old Man Warcken.
We left behind a few of our wedding candles for the next group to enjoy. Aren’t they gorgeous?
The cabin is just two miles down the road from the Silver Crest cross-country ski and snowshoe area.



I can’t believe how many of my Montana friends don’t know about these cabins. Check the website for lists in your own state! We’ve hiked and snowshoed into cabins in Alaska and Colorado as well, and have had nothing but great experiences. If you’re like me and hate to be cold but love winter sports, there is nothing like having a hot fire to go home to after a long day in the snow. Oh, and the firewood is free.

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