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What better way to fend off jet lag than to sleep eleven hours, then walk around all day? A cup of Finnish coffee and some McDonald’s, maybe. We set out to explore our new sister city on a gorgeous, sunny (albeit short-lived) day. This is the furthest north I’ve ever been so I’m not used to such a lazy sun. It’s like it sits up in bed every morning, yawns and stretches for a minute, then lays back down again to sleep all day and night.

According to its brochure, landwise Rovaniemi is the largest city in Europe. There are only 60,000 people here, about the same as Great Falls, Montana.

I’ll tell you what, mister, these short days sure make me want to put my pjs on and eat popcorn and watch movies all day. But the sun is so beautiful when it’s shining. We’re already talking of coming back in the summer.


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