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Take-off to touchdown, Tallinn is a 27 minute flight from Helsinski. I had read about Tallinn’s lovely Christmas market in its Old Town, and since we happened to be in the neighborhood, and since Finnair and consequently Fly.be partner with Greg’s airline, we made the short trip across the pond.

The only thing we had ever heard about Estonia and Tallinn was thanks to a Rick Steves’ DVD a friend’s mom had given us (thanks Jude!) and we didn’t know what to expect, except old buildings and cobbled streets, and boy were we impressed! We only planned on staying one night, but the moment we stepped into Old Town we decided we should stay an extra night because it was just so charming.

View from our balcony.
Greg thought they wouldn’t have a McDonald’s. Pfffttt!
A lovely break from our Rick Steves’ walking tour. All this for less than €7!
Christmas markets are for eating and drinking first, and shopping second.
Street waffles are one of my chief joys in life.
Can you see the fire channel on a big tv in the top middle window? Warming up the night.
Greg went for the blood sausage because it was the cheapest. I asked him how he liked it: “The ketchup and mustard are good.”
Folk dancing.

Tallinn is very cheap by European standards, and Tallinn’s Old Town is full of little lovely towers, little shops, quiet streets, and cozy restaurants. Greg and I ate like kings for less than €10/meal. A bus ride from the airport to the city center cost €3,80 for the two of us, and on the way back a taxi from Old Town to the airport cost us €7,20. We stayed in two different hostels in Old Town, one for €30/night for a private room, the other €31,50 for a private room. That’s roughly $40/night for you Americans. What bargains!

I love what happens when you give your camera to a stranger.
The times we h(e)ad.
Dirty windows, but a nice view from our second hostel.
Organ concert at St. Nicolas’ Church.
Danse Macabre.

As we were leaving the church Greg discovered a peephole on the huge wooden door so he made me go out and knock so he could see me through the peephole. As I was outside looking in a man walked up wanting to go into the church, so I knocked on the door and stepped aside. Greg opened the door slowly and demanded to know in a loud, deep voice “Who is rapping at my door?” then he saw the man who just said “Uhhh… hello?” and stepped inside. When Greg is slightly embarrassed he starts to hum, but when he gets really embarrassed he doesn’t say a word. When he saw that man standing there Greg didn’t say a thing, just stepped out to where I was waiting, bent over in laughter ready to puke. It was SO GOOD. I love getting the best of Old Man Warcken.

Practical jokes aside, if you’re looking for old European charm on a budget, Tallinn is a great destination. Happy travels!


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