Kruger National Park- Satara

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Drive 1- Skukuza H1-2 to H1-3 to Satara.

Drive 2- Satara H7 to S40 to Girivana Dam and back.

Drive 3- Night drive Satara H1-3 to Shisshangani waterhole, H1-3 to Sweni River and back.

Satara campground.

Night drives go from 20:00-22:00+ and let me tell you what, mister- it was real tough getting up the next morning. Hyena in the road almost as soon as we crossed over the Sabie and a honey badger later on! He ran off before we could get a good picture, but I was happy as a roller to see one in the wild.

We went on our second night drive with a bunch of know-it-all Munsons and a guy who made us stop for every group of impala we saw, even after shouting at the first that all he wanted to see was “BIG CATS! BIG CATS!” Every seven feet he’d yell “EYES” or “STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP! Oh, impala.” GEEZ. Still, we did come across six young males out for a hunt which was incredible, and tons of elephants which are great to watch any ol’ time of day.

This guy was super lazy.

We were exhausted after two night drives in a row, but all those lions! Incredible! In Kruger we were often reminded of a movie about lions. You may have heard of it?


We don’t know the words, and we can’t carry a tune, but we sure have fun.

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