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There are a few things I’ve tried and recommended lately to get and keep a few more Warcken dollars in our Warcken wallets.

1. missingmoney.com. In October I suggested everyone check out missingmoney.com to see if any states you’ve ever lived in owe you cash money. Of course I did this myself, and found missing revenue in both Montana and Wyoming(!), from 2004 and 2005 respectively. I got a $50 direct deposit from the State of Montana for an old cell phone bill, and I’m still waiting for the $50+ Wyoming owes me from the State of Idaho (something to do with taxes I’m guessing?). Be sure to check any last names you’ve ever had! Montana and Wyoming- 0, Warckens $50. So far…



2. Retention bonuses. I recently wrote a post about cards we have with annual fees, why we keep those cards, and steps we’ve taken to avoid paying the fees. This month Greg’s annual fee came up on his Chase Sapphire Preferred, one we’ve never called about. On 12/12 he called to see about getting his annual fee back, or for any retention bonuses. DENIED. I asked him to please please please call again on 12/13 just to make sure they were serious. He did, and they were. But that’s okay! This is one of our top 3 favorite cards and one we’ll probably never get rid of. Here’s a list of all the cardsย we currently have, and why we’d recommend them.


3. DIY laundry soap. In an effort to decrease consumerism, reduce/reuse/recycle, and to be kinder to the environment, we have started to change our household products over to natural or biodegradable ones instead of our usual ‘cheapest crap Walmart has to offer’. I used 1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda, and 1 grated bar of Ivory for mine, and this ‘recipe’ calls for 1 tbsp of detergent per load. I washed two loads on cold with no residue left over in the detergent cup or in the washer, and all our clothes came out smelling fresh with the exception of one pair of Greg’s socks, which to be fair should probably be burned. I couldn’t find any stains or dirt on the clothes after they were washed. For a bigger load of towels and rugs I used two tbsp on hot. Again, clean, fresh, no residue. All loads were washed in an HE washer.

The coffee can is just for storage. I’m not sure why I had it front and center, aside from blue being my favorite color.


Next up- liquid dish soap. Keep saving, friends! But seriously, go to missingmoney.com first. That’s free money, baby.

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