Seychelles: Anse Georgette

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The trick to traveling cheap and sticking to a budget is packing and preparing food you look forward to eating. Like fried eggs and baked beans, am I right? We’ve been traveling with the same energy bars since November, and while one of them would make an entire meal for one of us, who the hell wants an protein bar when there’s pizza down the street? Pack your favorites and keep those cravings at bay.

We had spoken to a French couple on La Digue about their snorkeling experiences on Praslin, and while they loved Anse Lazio, they loved Anse Georgette. Another most beautiful beach in the world? We set out yet again to find out. We took the bus to the very end of the northwestern route, up another mountain because the bus driver told us that’s where the walking path to the beach was. An hour later hiking up and over another mountain in flip flops, sure enough there it was.

Gregory and I agreed: We had never seen a more beautiful beach in our lives. The snorkeling was too rough and deep for me, but swimming was fantastic, the sun was fantastic, just looking around and realizing again where we were was fantastic. That sand, that water. Anse Georgette is incredible.

To celebrate/mourn our last day in Seychelles we went back to our all-around favorite, Anse Lazio. The snorkeling was just too good not to try again. Unfortunately the waves from Georgette followed us to Lazio and the visibility was nothing like it had been a few days prior. Not complaining, just stating a fact.


I used the rough wave opportunity to catch up on a bit of journaling. I’m brown as a nut!


Stopped by the tortoises again so Greg could give them a few pointers. Tortoises are surprisingly affectionate, and super cute. Just look at that face! THE TORTOISE’S.

For our last meal we went to the restaurant next door to Chez Lester which was packed every night with tourons and locals alike. We got the house specials- job fish and chips, and chicken curry. That job fish rivaled halibut in Homer, no lie. It was amazing. After dinner we walked to our favorite grocery store and discovered a huge block party that apparently Seychellois throw the end of every month. An end of the month celebration. There was blaring hip hop, street food, and firecrackers, and it seemed like the entire island had turned out to celebrate. A great way to end our trip.

Now listen. Gregory and I spent an amazing ten days on Seychelles. But we both agreed we never needed to go back. It’s far away and difficult to get to and insanely expensive. We compared it often to our beloved Koh Tao, Thailand, and in the end it just didn’t add up. Not complaining, not stating an opinion. Thailand is cheaper and more accessible and every bit as beautiful. And you have the option of Thai pancakes for every meal. That said, Seychelles is one big fat dream come true, and we are most satisfied. And horrendously tan.

The end!


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  1. I loved reading about Seychelles and tiny houses today. Thank you. Now I’m dreaming about Koh Tao, which is also one of my favorite places (that I’ve actually visited).

    1. You’ve got to be careful about what you read- next thing you know you’ll be selling all your belongings and running off to Thailand.

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