Seychelles: La Digue

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Alright, forget all that Anse Lazio crap. We heard the most beautiful beach in the world was actually on La Digue, so again, we had to go find out for ourselves. La Digue is the third largest inhabited island in Seychelles and is chock-full of granite. Granite mountains, granite boulders, granite granite granite. We love granite. We took the ferry over from Praslin, which according to my Sapphire statement cost $65.31 round trip for the both of us. There are about 1,000 bikes to rent as soon as you get off the ferry on La Digue and we paid 150 rupees/bike for the day which is about $11/bike which is about what those bikes were worth. A to B, that’s all you need. We headed straight to Anse Source d’Argent (anse means “cove” in French. “beach” to the layperson). To get to the beach you have to pay 100 rupees per person to ride your bike through an old coconut plantation which pissed me right off but what can you do? Argue with the locals and get kicked out? I paid it and grumbled the entire time. You can only ride so far then everyone ditches their bikes and walks the rest of the way to the beach.

D’Argent is a very beautiful beach littered with granite boulders. But the swimming and snorkeling are mediocre at best as the water is very shallow without much coral. You can walk all the way out to the rough break and the water will never be over your waist. Still…. when I think of Seychelles, I think of beaches like d’Argent.

Green palms stretching long shadows over white powdery sand, peppery boulders, and turquoise water. The granite is so gorgeous, so special- it’s what makes Seychelles the Seychelles.

After a traditional lunch of pb&j’s, cheez rings, cherry sours, and dried peas (what do we look like- millionaires?), we rode our bikes over to the east side of the island. Although it was arguably the most beautiful bike ride either of us had ever been on, it was also one of the toughest. Remember- mountainous. And blazing hot and neither of our bikes went into first gear. Real middle-class white America problems.

We attempted snorkeling at Anse Patates but the waves were rough and churning the sand so visibility was poor. But Patates was one of those beaches where you can sit and watch people trying to get in and out of the water all day- guaranteed biffs and lost tops, and always entertaining. We liked La Digue, but not as much as we liked Praslin. Shared an ice cream on the curb while we were waiting for the ferry and took a pizza back to our place after we got back to Praslin. Another perfect day.


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